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The 12th century in Ireland is a turbulent and dark time. Warring clans are locked in a bitter power struggle for the coveted title of High King. Two powerful clans in the West and Midlands join forces against their arch enemy, The King of Leinster.

The Film Fountain

A Producer Company passionate about storytelling

We are passionate about storytelling and creating quality content for a worldwide audience. Our brand is focused on promoting a culture of fair, inclusive and sustainable filmmaking.

We have over twenty five years of experience working in the film and television sector across both finance and production. Our extensive industry expertise can assist with sourcing all elements of a project including locations, crew, facilities and any permits that could be required for filming in Ireland.

Our projects

Our projects

Our project slate includes both content developed ‘in house’ and co-production / service productions where The Film Fountain acts as the Irish Producer.

Movie Locations

Locations, Studios & Facilities

Ireland offers a wide variety of location options including rural landscapes; forests; medieval castles; manor houses and vibrant cities.

Movie Crews


Strong growth in production activity levels have been driven by a highly skilled and well respected production crew base across all departments.



Ireland offers a diverse range of talent who are represented by experienced casting agencies

Development & Pre-production

Development & Pre-production

We can assist with attaching the required elements to progress projects through development and into production.

The Film Fountain – Financial best practices

Ensuring transparency and best practices for all of our productions

Film production is a collaborative process. All of the various elements such as financing, cast, locations, crew and facilities must be co-ordinated across all departments and streamlined to ensure that every production runs smoothly in accordance with the agreed schedule and budget.

Great films are made by teams that are aligned and work together to achieve a common goal in a respectful and inclusive environment.