A King's Pledge
The Film Fountain - A bitter power struggle


In his quest to regain control in medieval Ireland, a chieftain gambles with Norman power and risks losing everything with devastating effects for his family and his Kingship.

A King's Pledge


‘A King’s Pledge’ is being developed as an Irish / UK Co-Production: The 12th century in Ireland is a turbulent and dark time. Warring clans are locked in a bitter power struggle for the coveted title of High King. Two powerful clans in the West and Midlands join forces against their arch enemy, The King of Leinster. Defeated by his enemies and dispossessed of his kingship, the King of Leinster is forced into exile. Revenge burns inside him as he vows to regain what is rightfully his.

Produced by

The Film Fountain

Production Status

In pre-production