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Discover a seamless journey from concept to screen with our comprehensive movie production services. From scouting the perfect locations to assembling talented crews, casting, development, and meticulous preproduction planning.

Locations, studios & facilities

Movie Locations

Ireland has a varied range of locations including medieval castles, lakes, forests and period houses. We can recommend experienced Location Managers who will research potential locations that align with the films creative vision and resources.

Studios & Facilities

Movie Studios & Facilities

The strong growth of the Irish creative sector has resulted in a high demand for studio space. Well established studio facilities are now available in all parts of the country including Galway, Dublin and Limerick. 

Production facilities are available locally including camera, lighting, grip & electric, sound and construction hire companies. Post production requirements can also be handled by post and VFX facilities with expertise in editing, grading and sound mixing. 

Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Knock international airports provide excellent connectivity to all destinations. All of the major cities are serviced by motorways and an excellent transport network. 

Ireland also has a wide range of hotels and accommodation options.

Movie Crews

Movie Crews

Irish crew are renowned globally for their expertise and dedication to the filmmaking craft.

With experience across all departments and a friendly and inclusive approach to working with international teams, Ireland has an excellent and well respected production crew base including directors; line producers; production accountants; production and location managers; camera operators; lighting and grip crew; location sound recordists; costume designers; art department personnel; hair and make-up artists; editors and composers.



With more than 25 years of experience working in the creative sector, we have an extensive contact network with casting directors and agencies who represent leading Irish talent.

We can liaise with your creative team on the production’s cast requirements and are happy to recommend casting directors and to co-ordinate casting sessions.

Closer to the start of production, requirements for extras can be advertised on our social media platforms or sourced through leading movie extra service providers.

Development & Pre-production

Movie Development & Pre-production

Creativity is a part of the Irish DNA. We have a rich storytelling culture inspired by our Celtic heritage.

Script development is just one aspect of the development process. This work must be carried out in tandem with developing the strategy to move the project into production.

Finance plans, budgets, production schedules and sales / distribution strategies are all essential elements which must run in conjunction with the script development process. As the project moves from development to pre-production, the focus moves to financial closing and locking down all of the required resources for filming including locations, studio facilities, cast, crew and post production facilities.

Movie Production Financing

Finance & Funding

Finance plans and budgets must be consistent with the underlying script. Breaking down the script is the first essential step to compiling a comprehensive global budget.

The breakdown process will identify production elements such as cast, extras, props and the required number of days to shoot the film. This information forms the basis for the preparation of the global budget.

When the budget has been drafted, a finance plan can be prepared to outline the proposed sources of finance for the production. The finance plan and budget will need to be continually updated for any script revisions until the script is locked

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